A Call to Arms!

Summer is almost here and I’m excited. Yes, of course I’m excited to have some time off and to hit the beach. But, I’m also excited about putting together a new program for next year. Next year, I’m scheduled to teach a leadership class, a print media class (newspaper/yearbook), and three multimedia classes. As great as this sounds, I know it won’t be easy. I have seven sometimes-working computers, limited software, students with little experience, and no budget. I am, basically, starting from scratch. That’s actually part of the excitement of it. I would love to see something really take off! I plan on looking for and writing for any grant opportunities I can find online, but I’m thinking, so is everyone else.

In the past, friends have been great resources for my students. Charles Cappleman at CBS brought a group of my students into the CBS Television City boardroom and talked with them about the future of media and, more importantly, about being lifelong learners and creative, collaborative problem-solvers. Peter Smith at NBC arranged time to take students into the studio for a live newscast and a detailed tour. Collie Coburn (my ever-supportive brother) gave up several sleepless nights in his studio helping me edit and mix slideshow soundtracks (pre-digital). Rob Courtney (music and film), Ed Hume (graphic design), Eric Tramp (film), Randy Booth (advertising), Hai Muradian (song writing), Matt Snyder (music history), Sean Loether (music history), Chris Maury (make-up), Sam Carruth (poetry), Chris Bonomo and Sara Spradlin (dance), and even my mom and dad (art and music) have shared their creative talents and insights with my classes. Unfortunately, it’s been several years since I have been able to take a field trip. I haven’t had a good opportunity to invite these kinds of guests. Language Arts has become more about isolated bits of information needed to pass a test and less about the arts.

Now that I have been given an opportunity to create a program, I feel a good kind of stress (challenge) that’s rooted in freedom. So, this is where the “call to arms” idea comes in.

If you can help in any of these ways, you are a great resource!

  • Are you aware of funding opportunities (that you wouldn’t mind sharing)?
  • Can you help secure more/better equipment?
  • Can you help secure software?
  • Can you help secure digital cameras (still and video)?
  • Can you help with miscellaneous items such as microphones, green screens, Cds, DVDs, and flashdrives?
  • Can you help arrange a field trip?
  • Can you visit my classroom?
  • Can you send positive, hope-filled vibes?
  • Can you send a link to this blog to anyone that might be able to help?
  • Does any one know George Lucas, Steven Speilberg, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, etc.?
  • Does anyone know Kevin Bacon?

I know it’s a long-shot, but wouldn’t be great if something came of all this?

Why not?



~ by Kimball on June 7, 2010.

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