Because I’m 50

I really did not want to make a big deal about turning 50 this year. I still feel like that guy, fresh out of college without a fully developed frontal lobe. I may not look like that guy anymore, but sometimes in my mirror at home, I can still see him. The problem is, sometimes I purposely ignore reality. But reality keeps tugging at me – actually more like poking me in the chest. Even though I don’t want to make a big deal out of 50, reality points out annoying little things and like a bratty sister reminds me that it’s because I’m 50.

Me: The fine print is blurry.

Reality: Because you’re 50.

Me: My knee gets sore from sitting in a movie theater.

Reality: Because you’re 50.

Me: I can’t sleep if I’ve had a cup of coffee after noon.

Reality: It’s because your 50.

Me: I can sit under an umbrella on the beach for hours and not go in the water.

Reality: It’s because you’re 50.

Me: I enjoy a good  jello salad.

Wait!!! Stop! Stop! Stop! I have always enjoyed a good  jello salad! Don’t even go there. I’m really ok with being 50. I don’t need to be 22 again. But don’t stereotype me because of a delicious side dish or, sometimes, dessert.

By the way, lime jello with pineapple and walnuts is my favorite.

Freshman at University of the Pacific


~ by Kimball on May 31, 2010.

3 Responses to “Because I’m 50”

  1. So that’s what it will be like when I get old. Keep rockin’ Bro!

  2. Don’t lie Dad- you have only recently liked jello salad. As in, since you’ve turned 50. 🙂

  3. Help!!Does that mean in 2 weeks I have to start eating Jello?I was just getting into Triscuit’s [Low Sodium of course].I think on that special day Im going to Fatburger, just because I will be 50!

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